Tuesday, 31 January 2012

31st of Janathon

And now the end is here
And so I race the final circuit
My friends I'll say it clear
I'll state my case of which I 'm certain

I've run a month that's full
I've travelled each and every highway
And more, much more than this
I ran it my way

Well I did it - We did it!
The month is over and this man who 6 months ago didn't even run has just completed a 31 day run streak, has just run over 200km in a month, who didn't even have a blog until 6weeks ago, has blogged everyday (admitted a couple weren't the greatest efforts but were there none the less)

I've managed a run of 10 miles, just because I felt like it.
None of this I would of thought was going ever going to happen, nor would I ever have thought that I would consider wearing Lycra tights and rubbing Vaseline on my nipples a perfectly normal thing to do!?!, but all I can say is Thankyou.

Thank you to my brother in law Steve who suggested going for a run last August
Thank you to Copy7t for keeping me running and introducing me to Janathon
Thank you to Cathy @jogblog for organising Janathon
Thank you to my wife & kids for putting up with me coming & going at all times of day & night
Thank you to Jess who has joined me on a couple of Dog Jogs (including the finale)
Thank you to  Lilbee, Tim, Phil, Henniemavis, Miss Hudson, Fairweather, MsSmith, and anyone else that has commented on my blog, my tweets and encouraged my runs.

The next question is do I continue my run streak, or do I drop to exercise some how each day, and go back to 3-4 day/week running (I think the latter is the better option)

This blog will continue, though how often is anyones guess.

and if not before, I'll see you all in Juneathon

Until then Run long and Taper


  1. Yes, congratulations to you! Non-runners become runners, ours is a remarkable journey. I love that. Good luck on your upcoming goals (your blog banner suggests you have some). If I remember correctly, we both have long distance races to train for? Ooof! But first, a rest? At least from blogging anyway. Glad to hear I will see you for Juneathon. I might have a record to beat -- yours, HA! Cuz if I can run 2 mi./day, plus a little extra, I can surely run 3 mi./day plus, right? Til then, take care :-)

    1. Well done. Just look how far you've come since that day a few months ago when you told me that you were taking up running. Lots more challenges / races / parkruns / #runart and more await over the course of the year.