Saturday, 14 January 2012

14th of Janathon

Early start today as normal, up at 430, out at 515, in work 6am, had a huge delivery as the lift has been out for a couple day and so haven't had any stock in. Get get 12/42 cages upstairs and the lift goes again! So now have 180 boxes of frozen food to deal with very quickly, so by 7am me and the guys are running around the sales floor squeezing out what we can but then had to run/carry/throw 80+ by hand up 3 flight of stairs - so that was my first sweat worked up today, fortunately the rest of the day was less physically demanding(actually i sat on my arse in a suit just asking question), though its never nice having to dismiss people.
Once home, a large Chinese takeaway was eaten (I figured I'm burning enough calories to treat myself), which having to scrap the ice off the car and the dashboard display showing 0c was when picking it up, was the first confirmation of being rather chilly, then taking Jess for a walk, and feeling the grass crunch under my feet and my thighs stinging under my trousers, changed it from rather chilly to bloody freezing. Once back home I quickly switched the ignition back on the car too see that it had warmed up a bit and was no longer 0c but now 0.5c that's better I thought, and so on with my running gear and out for a quick 5km jaunt to keep Janathon alive and well. It clearly had warmed up overwise why else would I have returned home sweating?!?

5.24km in 27:27 starting at 2203 on 14/01/12
Day 14 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total : 86.53km


  1. I think that takeaway was well and truly earned! well done!

  2. Lol, amazing internal central heating :)