Sunday, 1 January 2012

1st of Janathon 2012

Well, this is why this blog was started, and so we begin.
I haven't run since the 11th December, due to the joys of food retail at Xmas and ridiculous length shifts etc
So excuses over.
My family & I was invited to my friends house for a New Years Eve gathering, knowing it would be a fairly quiet affair, I thought why not, I should be able to get up early with a fairly clear head and start Janathon and 2012 as I mean to continue. Then it occurred to me that as said friends house is half way round my regular 10k route, why not pack my running gear and run home afterwards.
Now with this in mind, perhaps the couple of helpings of chilli, curry and chicken supreme wasn't a good idea nor the assorted desserts, plus the obligatory wine, buck fizz, bubbly, cherry brandy etc. but come 230am and we were the last to leave, I thought - 'I'm doing this!!' So got my gear and emerged from their bathroom, in my trainers, short shorts @ new running (cheers bruv),

"I'll see you at home in half hour - Happy New Year!"  and off I ran

Once back in to lit streets (villages are nice but very dark in the small hours!) the run was pleasant,  wished a few individuals Happy New Year on the way, much to their confusion (drunk and seeing a runner at 245am probably didn't compute very well!LOL)  Then I saw a group staggering along a rather deserted bit of road, and start to wonder whether this was actually a clever idea, I thought just look ahead and keep running, possibly prep for a sprint if necessary - but as I approached all I got was encouragement
"Wow-you must be committed"
"I am amazed at your commitment"
"How far have you run?" etc
To show my commitment, I gave my thanks, wished them a Happy New Year and ran on through.

About 4k a familiar car passed by and pulled in, containing my wife and 2 boys
"Just wondering if you wanted a lift the rest of the way?"
"No thanks  I'm good, see you in a bit"

5.82k in 33:53 starting at 0230 on 01/01/12 - Happy New Year

Janathon -Bring It On!!


  1. Just brilliant! I've been thinking about a middle of the night run but would probably never realistically do it! Well done Mr ReNcE!


  2. Wow! What a way to start Janathon! Well done! :)