Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10th of Janathon

After yesterdays little 2km token, I was determined that I was going to make it up to day with an 8km today to maintain the 5 a day average that I'd obtained in week 1 (well plus a bit due to the 12 on Thurs). Then I woke up this morning about an hour later than intended, and rode to work (motorbike, yet to get myself a pedal bike) on absolute auto pilot, my legs felt like lead and from my eyes upward was feeling completely foggy -a fog that didn't lift all day.
I couldn't see myself running at all, and could foresee a short exercise session of some kind just to do something for Janathon. Not sure what changed but once I was home I felt alot better, possibly even great. Had a nice curry, with my wife and boys,helped finish some homework, a quick few laps on Gran Turismo 5, then the wife went out, the boys settled down with a DVD, and off I went.
 As I'd said I was feeling a lot better, the weather was quite mild and dry, so I went for the 8km and apart from the horrible hill climb between 3.5 &4.5 km  it was a real nice comfortable run, and to top it all, I can have a bit of a lay in tomorrow, as I have a meeting and so don't need to start until 9am rather than 6am


8.18km in 45.57 starting at 2028 on 10/01/12 plus an 8min Abs (well maybe in a minute)

Day 5 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total : 59.92km

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  1. Nice one for getting out there... It's amazing how we somehow come up with the goods despite spending all day thinking it was never going to happen :)