Thursday, 5 January 2012

5th of Janathon 2012

It's my day off today, and I been waiting for it, as it meant I could get out for a long run (long for me anyway) on the footpaths, rather than running round the streets in the dark.

So once the kids were off to school (1st day back) and the wife was off to work, I settle down for a quiet coffee, bowl of ready brek and to catch up on Janathon activity as the storms seemed to have returned and so there was pouring rain and rather Strong winds. After a while the room brightened and I looked out to see the rain had stopped and there was blue skies. The winds were still there but dry blue skies were all I needed.
First things first though need to take Jess out, my 8 month black Lab. All dressed ready to go - no door key. I have a good idea where it'll be, so I ring the wife and sure enough yep she has my door key - well that decides the route for the dogs walk. So off we go, as I was walking I figured hey all exercise counts and so I logged the walk on runtastic, down through the park I took a couple of snaps en route just because I figured my blog could do with some, ...............15min later.......well maybe another day cos my BB wont email them and I cant find my lead or get my new 'show me' photoblog to work.
Whilst in the park I was going to have a go on the outdoor gym, but Jess wasn't impressed and just sat there whining, and there were a few large branches laying around that had been blown off the trees above, so I moved on.
Once back from the walk, it was time for the real exercise to begin so I got my running gear on and thought. As I was stretching, I notice the room go dark, no more blue sky, just big grey clouds.
"oh well, looks like another wet one."
As I went out the rain started, though very fine it was very heavy, and with the tail wind, I felt like someone had a cold power shower on my back, but I was out and running so I wasn't about to go back now (though might only do a 5 if it stays like this), anyway I figured once I reached the footpath the trees would shelter me from the rain, but by about 2km in it had stopped.
Now I bought these trainers over 10 years ago (when I paid a years membership for a gym and went twice) and though they are like new due to not being worn I couldn't say what style of trainer the were, though today I discovered they are most definitely not trail runners!! Quite how I managed to stay upright I'm not sure. Once off the trail though things were easier and the sun started to shine though the wind  was still up and now fighting against me, but I kept moving (just in places) and the final figure for today was 11.99km - note to self 'check distances before pressing stop to you don't stop 0.01 short of that extra km!!

11.99km in 1:13:17 starting at 1309 on 05/01/12

Day 5 Jogged Logged and Blogged

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