Sunday, 15 January 2012

15th of Janathon

So far today (800-930)
1m20s Plank - thought I'd see what the fuss was about - may well do a few more
Was going to do Wii Fit Yoga but the Wii fit Board wasn't charged so I did
9min Yoga with Esther Ekhart again thought I'd see what its about -may well do some more
8min Abs with the Gang - love it, need to do it more often
8min Arms with 3kg Aerobics Weights (& the Gang obviously) - need to do it more often
 By now the Wii Fit board was charged and I like it cos, although I haven't used it since 25/09/11, it told me I'd lost
9lb !!
and my BMI is now 26.64 (vs 27.87 last time)

A bit of tidying around the kitchen, and a nice bowl of Ready brek with a couple of pears chopped into it, and now to walk the dog - plan to do a 5k walk, to check out the route for a 10k run after

So will finish this off later once 'jogged and logged'

Well the route looks good, was about 7.5km in all, once run it'll probably be only 6, as being on my own this time, I wont need to detour to put a bag of bodily waste in the bin (at least I hope not anyway) plus there's a section by the 4km marker that is narrow twisty, muddy, just an excuse to go back in the woods, so will probably straight line a cross the field then, oh yeah, and I doubt I'll be calling into the Pet shop on the way back for a treat either!!

Whoops, after the dog walk, got home had a little sarnie, and then promptly fell a sleep, so by the time, I had muster the effort to get up, and get my running gear on the sun had gone down.
This could make for a interesting run. Running round footpaths on the heath in the dark.
Now a sensible man would have saved it for another day, a sensible man would of found a different route that was street lit and a good surface - but a sensible man wouldn't be doing Janathon!!, so on with headtorch and away I went. Fortunately I took the photos on the dog walk earlier, as I don't like stopping for shots whilst running, and they wouldn't have look anywhere near as pleasant in the dark!!

But I managed it, scared off a few rabbits whilst doing it (think they were rabbits, could only see their glowing eyes) and only had one 'moment' where I stood on a fallen branch I 'd missed and thought I'd twisted my ankle, but didn't do any damage - it was an experience, but wouldn't recommend it as the scenery is naff and I could of ended my Janathon had I actually damaged my ankle.
So along with the early exercise, the 1.5hr 7.5k dogwalk, today's run details are....

7.05km in 31:05 starting at 1658 on 15/01/12
Day 15 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total : 93.58km


  1. There were actual rabbits in your headlight. Close call with the ankle, hope it is ok.

  2. Wow that was a cracking time, running in the dark too. Well done Terry.