Sunday, 29 January 2012

29th of Janathon

Have had a naff day, was looking forward to a nice long run out in to the country, in the daylight, but everything got in the way, family church trip, emergency motorbike service/repairs, fatherhood, homework, housework, cooking etc, all necessities, but all meant I didn't get out like I wanted to. So looked like another lap of the 5k street lit loop, but I need more than 5km if I'm to cover the 20km to make 200 by Tuesday, so I set about plotting an extension to try and even out the next 3 days.
Job done, and off I went hoping for a good time as I wanted to watch 'Wild at Heart'
After 2.5km I felt like a medal winning runner, but fortunately for me McDonalds was at the bottom of the road (the medal winning runner was Poohla Radcliffe). Due to the numerous layers I was wearing to fend of the cold, stopping indoors halfway round meant I was  sweating far to much and so now running again but in damp clothing so I cut the run short still managed a 5km run but that means I still have 15 to do in 2 days - not a problem distance wise, just hope I can fit them in time wise.

5.51km in 30:49 starting at 2006 on 29/01/12

Day 29 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total :185.99km

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