Thursday, 19 January 2012

19th of Janathon

Well today is Thursday, that means its my day off from work but that means my day on for Janathon. I figured I managed the last 18 days, I went from running 3 times a week for just 4 months, to not running at all for 3 weeks, and then doing 5km a day everyday. If I can do that, and maintain 27-28min every time, then I can manage more. Now 10km is what I like to do on my day off cos I have a nice country footpath run, but I'm signed up for a half marathon and 10km won't cut it. So put another days worth on and make it 15km.
I did it, I enjoyed it, I did the 10km in 54:53 which is a PB, and finished the 15km in 1:26:57 (possibly a minute or so quicker due to the phone freezing at 1:22 (14.3km) and not coming back until I was indoors).
Now its a couple of hours later and I'm still aching, and still feel shattered, but I know I did it, and I know I pushed myself, and I didn't puke which means I could probably do more in a race situation. Roll on next Thursday (I'm not daft, once a week will do for Janathon, no point injuring myself).

15.38km in 1:26.57 starting at 1521 on 19/01/12
Day 18 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total :125.43km


  1. Good to see you're enjoying yourself and seems as if you're doing really well. Cool. :D


  2. Impressive Janathon goals/schedule you have here (was backreading some, too). Perhaps I'll use you at a model for Juneathon? I decided on only 2 mi./day minimum this time... but added 5X/week cross-training. Your Thursdays are gritty distance! Is this half you signed up for your first one? I'm planning my first this year too, but won't start serious training for that til spring (too much snow & ice here), plus I have to pick my race. I love finding people in Jan/Juneathons that are about my age, speed & level of enthusaism! Yay, brother!

  3. Yes it's my first half, but mines on the 1st April, was hoping copy7t was playing an April Fools, but alas not, so once janathon is over I'll only have about 8 weeks. It is nice to find likeminded, similarly paced people but I think theres a few miles between us, so not likely to get a run together LOL