Thursday, 26 January 2012

26th of Janathon

The End is Nigh, but doesn't mean we shouldn't still push ourselves nor should we stop having fun with it, and so today I have done 2 runs,  one for #RunArt, and one for #Janathon.
So after dropping the kids to school, and walking the dog round the heath (a walk of approx 5k) I had a bit of brekkie, and read a few blogs, then headed out.
 I was going to do a 15k run today, which would cover my runart piece, but a bit of pre plotting meant that the runart was only  4.5k and wasn't within my usual long run route, so I figured do two, the long and then the artwork but again  changed my mind, and chose the 4.5km runart as a 'warm up' to the longer one.

So here is my first run and my latest piece of RunArt

Once done, I popped back in doors for a drink, and was then going to head out on my usual long run route, but after having taken the dog round the heath this morning I thought I'd have another go at the 'Green Route' footpath round the heath, with the sun out and blue skies, unlike last time where a impromptu afternoon nap meant I didn't do it until dusk. Although it's not as long as I had initially planned, coupled with the RunArt, today I have done

1x RunArt @4.50km in 24:04
1x Green Route @7.27km in 41:49

So 11.77km for the day

According to Runtastic I have run 170.02km so far for Janathon so 5 days to cover 29.98km, 6 a day will give me a 200km and 31 day runstreak

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  1. Nice giraffe! Looks like you did a sensible thing with the total mileage. You need to make it to day 31 in one piece!