Thursday, 5 January 2012

4th of Janathon 2012

Hello one and all

Well with only 4 hrs sleep, a run before work was still not on the cards, but I thought as I had the car, I'd pack my running gear and maybe find somewhere different to run either at work or on the way home (Dulwich looks popular with runners, and seem to be a huge park, always see people running there) but as I was leaving work, it start to rain and was dark already so didn't fancy finding a new route in a dark park, so I thought I'd leave it until I got home, and hope that the rain would stop.
Once back home, I was sitting in the car outside the train station waiting for the wife (Pete  has made an improvement for those who read yesterdays post), and the weather had taken a considerable turn for the worse, and was resembling yesterday mornings storms, whilst waiting for her train I flicked through Twitter looking at #Janathon and thought it has to be done, no giving up, no indoor sessions (well not yet anyway).
Grabbed the kids from my Mums and had some dinner there too, got the usual abuse from my brother for running, and doing stuff like this, though he has been saying he'll come with me for a couple of months now and keeps giving different excuses - so I have plenty of ground to abuse him back.
So once finally back at my own house, it was now gone 8pm, the wind had dropped slightly, but the rain was still falling, "I need to go out" said I, "Your mad, but you need to or you'll fail"said wifey - At last she is starting to understand the crazy mindset that I am developing as a runner.

As I set out, I thought I need to get  high viz stuff, as tonight I looked more like a ninja than a runner, black hat, black jacket, black shorts, black tights, it was only the white socks and trainers that gave it away, and they weren't very white after the footpath at 1km!
I was more worried about trench foot then any muscle problems tonight
About half way round the rain stopped and it was like the last three days, just chilly and wet underfoot.

So that's today's run done, roll on tomorrow, where I can get a longer run in during daylight - this month is really going to help with my Tribesports challenges (7 day streak, 100km in a month, and a good start for 1000km in a year plus many more I'm sure) and I'm sure it's won't do my half marathon training any harm - either that or I'll never walk again!!

So thats day 4 done

5.14k in 30:07 starting at 2112 on 04/01/12

Day 4 Jogged Logged and Blogged


  1. Well done for getting out there!

  2. Well done - the wet windy dark runs are the hardest! I wonder if we can count them for double mileage?