Monday, 30 January 2012

30th of Janathon

What an evening!

Since I hit 100km on the 17thI figured I could hit 200km by the end of the month, my last few runs have been a real struggle, and yesterdays long run never happened, but I managed to get myself down to 15km left. 2 nights @ 8km not a problem, so that was tonight's target.
Had a new 8km route plotted and so off  went, the run was going great, just seemed to be maintaining pace and being quite relaxed with it. Once I'd got to 6 1/2km and just a loop round my estate left, I felt like I could carry on, so I turned right instead and ran round my old estate. At 8km a left turn would of took me home, but things were still going good so, I went straight on and into town, I follow the ring road and thought I'd pop into the wife's work and say Hi, but that felt like finishing to soon, so i wen left again and round the back of town thinking I'd take the long way to her office, but as I reached the end of her road, I really didn't want to stop and so ran a horrid steep hill, and carried on, heading back south, a long straight road and then cut across to the main road bought me back in line with my place but on the opposite side of town, so down the hill I went, and back up the other side I checked my phone and it said 14.5km, only 1/2km to go to reach the magic 200km, but then remembered that 15 is only 9.5mile and I'd need another one for a distance pb so ran past the house, round the top of the estate and then round the inside of the estate (felt like I was running A's again LOL) . I reached the house and looked 16.26km (10mile). Love it!!!!! and whats more, apart from a couple of seconds traffic stops I didn't  stop/walk at all, which is another record (haven't managed 10k before now with at least one walk break)
Felt like I could of gone for a bit more, but still have tomorrow to run and I have work in the morning to.

16.26km in 1:35:27  starting at 1741 on 30/01/12
Day 30 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total :202.25km

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