Monday, 16 January 2012

16th of Janathon

Just a quick blog tonight, cos I want to go to sleep.
Had a meeting at work, but not in my usual store (20mils away) this time it was in Bexleyheath, which just happens to be 5.19km from home, and so I took my shorts and trainers with me and ran home afterwards, considering it was mainly down hill the time wasn't as good as it could of been but that was probably due the heavy rucksack that had all my paper work and my suit, plus a bag of satsumas I bought to stop me eating the sweets and cakes that had been provided. 
Did see 3 or 4 runners, all of which acknowledged me, so did the guy in Sainsbury's later, wearing hi vis techtop, running tights and trainers, when I asked how far he'd been, he said 10 miles, now 10 miles is a good distance, much further then I've ever done, but to stay out for 10 miles at 0c temperature is bloody impressive or crazy - but is he crazy enough to do Janathon - who knows
5.19km in 30:29 starting at 1649 on 16/01/12
Day 16 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total : 98.77km

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