Sunday, 22 January 2012

22nd of Janathon

Today's run was a new route, a new route based on a new idea, a new idea based on a random GPS route posted by @buriyako.
Today's run was my first entry in to the world of
This is the Stickman

Basically @buriyako posted one of his runs, @copy7t thought it had a shape to it, and said it looked like an anteater, so the seed of thought was sown, and next time @buriyako put some effort in and ran a rhino, 7t ran a snake, and the Stickman was my first attempt - to be honest me and my boys  had seen that the main roads on Dartford looked like a stickman with the town centre ring road being the head, so it was an obvious first attempt.
 But the challenge is now on, the next animal has been decided on, just the route to plot

And this is the birth of RUNART

7.81km in 43:06 starting at 0857 on 22/01/12
Day 22 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total :143.67m


  1. Runart? I've got to try this....

    1. Go for it, jokeathon, lyricathon, factathon are all so old skool, #runart is the new janathon accessory LOL

  2. I've got enough problems with running full stop. Well done, very entertaining!