Thursday, 26 January 2012

25th of Janathon

I fell a sleep, before I managed to log and blog, but I did jog, which is the important part, and I believe the rules say to log and blog within 24hrs, and it's less than 12 so I'm not out, just broke my personal rules of getting it all done on the same day.

Last nights run was the usual 5k street lit loop, which I'm still managing at about the same time each night (if you take out the time of me stopping to let someone know their interior light was still on in their car-had seen it on the way out, but was still on on the way back, so thought it right to stop and let them know)

Today is my day off  and that means long run day, last week I managed a 15k and so this week I want to do the same, but now runart is involved and I have a piece of work to run, do I run the 15k and then the artwork - 4.5k or shorten the run and add the art. I'm 2k down on my weeks target, due to the 3k token run on Tues, so I feel I should do atleast 17k today to make up the target.

Watch this space to see how it goes

5.21km in 29.37 starting at 2041 on 25/01/12

Day 23 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total :157.13km

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