Sunday, 8 January 2012

8th of Janathon

Well this morning I was woken at 7am by the meowing of the neighbours cat that has taken to lodging in ours (though knowing its owner I wouldn't want to stay there either). So after removing said cat, and now being awake, I started too think about todays run.
  Now, my aim before Christmas was to run 5km 3times a week, then once the Paddock wood 1/2 marathon had been booked, I decided to lengthen Thursday and Sundays runs to 10km and then increase as I felt fit. So after Thursdays 11.99 I was considering a 15 today, and set about on the route creator elongating my 10k run. By 10am the rest of the house were stirring, oh well so much for getting out before they got up.  Another couple of hours went by the wife had gone out, and the kids were back in their room playing Fifa and for some reason I was still sitting about.
  It was then that I realised that although my mind was saying " great we can do the longest run so far!!" my body was saying "I don't want to nor am I up for it!" ( I think Janathon isstarting to take its toll)
 Now if I have learnt one thing, from reading the bits and pieces about running and listening to advice of others, that is
"Listen to your body"

and this is what I did - well sort of, as I clearly wasn't going to not run at all, it is Janathon after all.
And so we compromised, and knocked it back to a 5k, to be done at a 'just getting out there' pace. I let my boys choose what route I would do, as I have 3 regular 5k rings and they chose the newest one that I had designed for after dark running (see '6th of Janathon'), I was up for this as it was all pavement and no muddy footpaths to deal with.
  On with my shorts, a few stretches and off I went. By the first km I was already thinking of cutting it short and just doing a 'token' run of 2 or 3k, but then a I heard a toot from a passing car and looked round to see a the couple whose house I ran home from on the 1st of Janathon, waving and smiling as they drove by - this warmed me and spurred me on, so I stuck to my guns and did the 5k route.
when I got back my phone was telling me I had done 5.6k in 28:20, thats about right I thought to myself.
  So once I was ready to start logging and blogging I had a look at the splits and clearl,y as I had listened to my body, it had rewarded me with a PERSONAL BEST and a MILESTONE BREAKING run of

5km in 24:52 starting at 1211 on the 08/01/12

Previous PB was a 25:21 from Mo-vember Battersea Park where my target was a sub 25, which I would of had, had I not pushed far to hard at the end and revisited brekkie just before the line!

Day 8 Jogged Logged and Blogged


  1. Nice one. I think a 15km run might be pushing it, especially 2 days after that 12km run. And the last thing you want is to end up like me! [insert sad face]

  2. That's a great result; I definitely hear you on listening to your body if that's the outcome :)

  3. I'm sure the official time from Battersea was 25:07. Well done on the sub-25 time.