Friday, 6 January 2012

6th of Janathon

Well day 6 is here, and I'm still mobile, in fact I've had a fairly active day, decided to go 'back to the floor' and helped the lads at work by sorting all the stock in the coldroom, so spent a good 4 hours (on & off)at -20c shift ing a few hundred 12kg (ave) boxes of food around - I could of logged that as my exercise, but that would be cheating really wouldn't it!

So once home, whilst eating a nice bowl of chicken and pasta, and trying to sort a PUK code for my sons phone, who had decided that it would be cool to Pin Lock his phone but then locked himself out! I started to play with Running Free's Map Creator I'm loving the fact that it snaps to the road, and almost picks its own routes. So it wasn't long before I had a new 5km run to try tonight. This one is all tarmac, and street lights, which is ideal for evening runs at this time of year. It's got a lot of up and down in it too but nothing to severe, though some are long. Hopefully I'll get a GPS signal on my phone one day, and will have some accurate data for those that are interested (@copy7t). 
The last time I was in that part of town I bumped into a couple of old friends, who were out running - which reminds me, I must make contact somehow and hook up for some runs, as its could get lonely after a while. Any other #Janathoners in the Dartford area?

5.39km in 27:57 starting at 2048 on 06/01/12

Day 5 
Jogged Logged and Blogged 

I think my times on this route will improve but I'm conscious that my thighs (quads?) are starting to complain more each run at the moment - any before and after care advice would be appreciated before I do any actual damage.

Also on a less important but potentially as painful issue - nipples - again any before or after care advice? 

I don't know how this happened but I can't get it to go back again!!


  1. Has to be vaseline for nipples before and after running always!

  2. Quads - Stick to flat routes as much as possible. Don't run too hard/fast/long. If you get to the end and feel like running further.. don't. Just take that run and put it in the bank!

    Nipples - Only advice I can offer is to stick to your tech tops and don't wear anything too heavy. Avoid cotton tops. So far I've been lucky here.