Monday, 9 January 2012

9th of Janathon

Just a quickie tonight, left for work at 6am, got home again after 9pm, and need to be back there for 6am again tomorrow, so was just going to try a 'fast mile' but whilst talking to the Wife, she said "If you're going running we need catfood". "Ok, I thought, it's better than nothing", we carried on chatting about the day then she said,
 " it's too late, so you can run where you like"
 "whats the time then?"
 "quarter to"
Up, on with shorts & trainers and out the door, it only 1km away, so a fairly rapid run got me to the door as the security guard appeared with the keys, saw me in running gear heading towards him at pace. He stepped to one side, and uttered what I wanted to hear - Go on mate!
Now the run home wasnt as easy as I had a bag containing box of catfood & 2 bottle of lucozade in each hand.
So a paultry 2.1km today, so I'm going to do 8min abs in a sec to add to it, and at least 8km tomorrow to maintain my 40km a week for Janathon

2.1km in 11.34 starting at 2152 on 09/01/12 plus an 8min Abs

Day 5 Jogged Logged and Blogged

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