Tuesday, 3 January 2012

3rd of Janathon 2012

Today was a strange one, I was woken at 615am by my wife, which is actually a lay in as I'd normally be in work for 6am. In some ways I wish I had been at work cos the impromptu day off was to travel to Wales to drop off my wife and say goodbye to my Father in Law. Old age, dementia and a nasty chest infection, has made him decide his time has come, and so he wont eat, and they are struggling to get him to take a litre of fluids each day.
"I have already got one foot in Heaven" - and to be honest that's where he's been travelling to all his life, and so is actually looking forward to getting there. but there's no real telling when that'll be though cos one minute, your checking for a pulse, the next he's up and taking himself to the loo, and having a go at his daughters for fussing over him, and crowding him.

So here's to Pete - a great man, a wise man, a faithful man of God and a great father to 7 wonderful 'children', - your seat is being readied  and the trumpets soon will sound!

Apologies, if that wasn't what you were expecting tonight, but that's life, and I suppose, deep down, really the reason I'm running - to ensure that I live to 80+ and can see my kids grow and have kids of their own, and so on. Which my previous life style (and parts of my current still) means that would be doubtful.

So with that lets make sure we make the best of what we got and run on to a ripe old age

 5.15k in 29:10 starting at 1902 on 03/01/12

Day 3 Jogged Logged and Blogged

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  1. A really heartfelt post. I may need some tissues. Hope you're all ok. - Steve.