Friday, 13 January 2012

13th of Janathon

A late one today, started out at 21:30 was going for the new street lit 5k loop, but needed to grab a newspaper, so added a detour, but at almost 10pm everyone clearly packs up their left over copies for returning. So a further detour via a few other newsagents to the petrol station, means that after an extra 1km I managed to get the paper for SWMBO and get my run in for Janathon.I'm glad of the extra 1km, I wanted to ensure 42km each week, was going to be 40 but realised today that 26.2miles is 41.5 km and after hitting 27miles in week one, I figured running a Marathon distance each week, isn't bad for a newbie and sounds good to all the non runners I know, that keep asking me, if I'm still running.

6.31km in 32:59 starting at 2132 on 13/01/12
Day 13 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total : 81.29km

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  1. It is really good, and I have found it impresses the none runners too ;)