Monday, 2 January 2012

2nd of Janathon 2012

Well I got all my gear together last night thinking (rather optimistically) that I would go out when I got up at 4am - but the snooze button ate too far into my free time, so it would have to wait until after work.
Through out the day I kept on checking in on Twitter, and now seem to have a few more followers (I'll follow you back, but its to much headache on the phone so will have to wait until I'm on a laptop - like now!), just wanted the day over, so I could get home and run.

I finished work at about 5.30  (11hr shift :/ ), and courteously text the wife to let her know I was on my way.
When I arrived home 45min later, there was my dinner freshly dished up, and the offer of beer or wine - now this may sound like perfection to many but today, all I thought was bugger I can't go out yet then.

Dinner eaten, wine drunk - on with my new grey/orange Karrimor xlite tights and top, logged by runtastic (but no GPS grrrr), and motivated by of I went.
By the first half km, my chest was shouting at me that I shouldn't be doing this, but by 1km I had conivinced it to be quiet and deal with it for another 25mins, donned my new headtorch and was heading along the side of the heath dodging the puddles (cheers sis great xmas pressie)
As I neared the end of my run and the bottom of the long hill, I was thinking shall I just walk it off now, but from my ipod came 'Footloose' and I was strangely spurred on (not sure if I should admit this but then none of you really know me), and so my run was done

5.15k in 28:21 starting at 1930 on 02/01/12

Day 2 Jogged  Logged and Blogged


  1. I may have to add footloose to my playlist!

  2. I'm going to be humming Footloose all night now, thanks! ;)