Thursday, 12 January 2012

12th of Janathon

Having driven the kids to school, I stopped off at the Heath with Jess (8month old Black Lab) for a walk/reccy for todays run. I set up my phone and tried to walk the outer most paths of the heath to find the longest route round (today is supposed to be a 10km run). It was a nice walk, the birds were singing, the ground pretty firm, and a lot of friendly morning dog walkers. The route turned out to be only 2 1/2km, so I figured 1km to the heath, 3 laps and 1km back would be close. So home we went and on with my shorts.
Once running it though, it was awful, twisting and turning, dead ends and double backs, steep drops and climbs- I couldn't get in to a rhythm and so ended up walking most of it, so after the first lap I said sod this, and went off up the road, trying to think where to go, as I reached the junction I remembered there was a bridle way up the road, that I had always driven by but never ventured along, so I headed there.

Once there I looked at the Tourist sign and it turns out its another part of the heath that I had just been running on and that there are half a dozen different routes round the Heath so I figured lets try them instead

One of these is 5km and covers all the section of the heath, now I wasn't going to go over this again today, but instead opted for a couple laps of the 'new' part I was on, following 'green' route, and then the 'blue' route, then I went off round a newish estate to investigate a building I'd seen from the heath., and then headed home across the original part of the heath. This time using the marked route, which was actually runnable, so I will try it out again next time I'm out in daylight.
Until then this is

10.66km in1:06:32 starting at 1213on 12/01/12
Day 12 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total : 74.98km

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