Wednesday, 11 January 2012

11th of Janathon

Not much happening today, had a meeting at work all day, which was alright, had a few people tell me they think I look like I've lost weight,which was nice and I managed to not to eat any of the sweets on the table, the crisps, biscuits, chocolate birthday cake or whatever the gorgeous looking 3 layer sponge cake was that one the guys bought in (normally I'd have finished off whatever was left), and opted for a couple of clementines and a Go Ahead Yogurt bar. (I must run via Boots and weigh myself tomorrow)

Tonights run was something different too, I took the dog with me, she was excited and jumping all over the place to start with, when we reached the field I turned on her flashing collar fob  (its hard to see a jet black dog at night) and let her off to run free (stops me have to stop whenever she smells something) and did a couple of figure of eights round the football pitches, then ran out of the of the far side of the fields and round the roads home. On the last stretch Jess was starting to lag and her tongue was hanging so I went straight to home, but when I looked I'd only done 4.4k, so I knocked on the door, one of my sons opende it, I passed him the dog and said 'see you in 5' and shot off for another lap of the block to make it up so tonights run was....

5.41km in 31.37 starting at 2055 on 11/01/12
Day 11 Jogged Logged and Blogged

Janathon Total : 64.32km

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