Thursday, 2 February 2012


Well Janathon is over, and I now know I can run. Am I going win races, or break records- not at the moment, not ever really, but then I'm not running for the glory, I'm running for me. I'm running cos I can, cos I want to, cos it will do me good, and I haven't been good to me for a long long time.
The years of not being good to myself has resulted in a large belly (proportionately) and an unwanted pair of moobs, I'm around 14 stone, but my belly is 42in at its roundest. So whilst the running and a better diet (not great nor strictly monitored, just better) are doing a good job by burning calories and not putting as many in, what they aren't doing is toning the upper half of my body, where my least favourites parts are.
.........and so that is my I have decided on Feb-Ab-ulous. Now this isn't going to be like Janathon, there will be no daily jogging logging and blogging, with hundreds of others, just me trying to deal with the larger parts of me.
Initially it will involve me doing at least 8min Abs daily, this is a cheesy early nineties workout that I came across through a Tribesports Challenge. Although its quite funny at first, it also has the desired affect, and still means that I can continue with my fitness efforts with out joining a gym, and paying some one else to tell me what to do. There are a few other workouts with the 8 min gang (Stretches, arm, buns & legs) and so if time permits I will do these as well, particularly the arms as that will help the moobs too, then follow up with a few press ups and the odd plank. The abs daily is my target/challenge to myself, but I'll do it more often and more of the others too, as well as running 3 times a week at a initial 30km a week )1x 5km, 1x 10km 1x15km), with the intention to build on those distances as I need to get myself to half marathon distance by April. I may even dabble with interval runs, and some of the other styles of training, if I feel like it, but that is what I like about 'my training plan' there is no real plan, I will do what I want, when I want because I can.

Now with that, the sun is out and the temperature is just above freezing (+2c I think) and so I have a run to do TTFN, see you when I have something vaguely interesting to share.

I'll leave you with 'the gang'

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  1. Admirable new goals! You're a bigger man than I... & I don't mean your belly or man-boobs :-) I have been still on the fitness train, but have been mixing it up (needed to rest my running legs). I just checked in on Lesley & some others. I see some folks are still blogging... oy. After Juneathon, I'd completely quit til late November. But maybe you guys are right to post throughout the year, to keep motivated? (just not daily, thank God) Perhaps I will do a post tomorrow. I do find myself wondering how others (you!) are doing... well, I hope!