Sunday, 10 June 2012

Rainy with Heavy Legs

Having spent the weekend in Wales and not got back until 7 tonight, then eaten and unloaded the car it was gone 9pm before a run was on the cards, and bugger it was still raining. My wife kept saying 'can't you just do a short one', etc but no, I was determined to keep to my 5km minimum.......that was until I started running and realised how much the last 2 days of running the hills in Newport had taken their toll on my legs. Damn they felt heavy, a lot heavier than the rain, so I figured a shorter run might be a better idea, so 3.5km was it, finishing at my parents house to reclaim our dog (Jess) whp'd spent the weekend there. Now although not logged, I could add another half km as, I not sure whether it was the rain or the excitement of going home to the family, but Jess was determined to run all the way home

So that was day 10

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