Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dont blame me, its the Queens fault

I'm losing it, Janathon went really well, I managed to JLB everyday, kept the blog on the right day, but Juneathon is getting a bit messy, I finished blogging the 3rd on the 4th, then did the 4th straight after - both from my phone, whilst watching the Jubilee concert at a mates house. On the 5th I logged my run and realised that I hadn't logged the 4th so logged both on the same day, and have woke up this morning (the 6th) realising that before I can run today I still have to do blog the 5th, and that I never did the additional exercises yesterday either, which probably means I have to start all my Tribesport challenges again too. :/  All of this is the Queens fault!, Having been to the Royal Boat Pageant all day Sunday (ran at 10pm), the parkrun 9am Mon on to a street party, followed by dinner and Jubilee concert watching at a friends place. The Tues was another parkrun at 10, back for lunch then a quick nap before heading to a village fete, for a Tug'o'war across the ford (it was raining so hard that no one minded getting a bit wetter) and watching my sons mate play in a Jazz band at the cricket green - all in the name of HRH Elizabeth II.

So my Exercise for Day 5 (I think) was the Nonsuch Parkrun, with copy7t and a few others from the Riddlesdown parkrun that I'd run the previous day ( a benefit of the Jubilee - 2extra Parkruns). Considering the rain that has been falling lately, the weather was almost perfect for running, fairly bright & sunny but not to warm with a gentle breeze. The turnout was about 450 runners with a lot more family/friends supporters as well. Due to the size of the pack 7t and me decided that I was going to set another pb so we'd have a social instead. So off we went at a nice steady pace, still working our way round numerous runners but happily chatting away, about running, workouts, injuries etc once at the halfway point we decided to push on a bit as we'd been taking it too easy, and the conversation started to stagger, but then we meet up with Jo Quantrill, who seemed to be struggling  -quite possible due to the fact she was running with a knee injury - oh yeah and a BROKEN RIB!!!!( On a good day her average parkrun time is a over a minute faster than my PB and her PB over 2 minutes faster, plus shes about 20yrs my senior, so normally I wouldn't see her until the end)

Right now I'm up to date, and want to get out for a longish trail run before the rain starts again so TTFN

5th of Juneathon
5km in 27:37  starting at 1000 on 05/06/12

Total 27.5km

Day 5 Jogged Logged and Blogged

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