Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dry Run

After the last few days of bad weather, I was really started to dislike Juneathon, and with another 18 days to go its far to early to be getting fed up. I could deal with the cold of January but I don't remember it being wet like this. Though my dedication was recognised on Twitter buy @jogblog, @Jo365 & @cmmercer. Then this morning whilst flicking some fresh tweets, I noticed @jogblog debated whether to cycle in the rain to her spin class - which I duly encouraged along with @helsieboo and @jogblog held true to her word and got wet on the way there and back again.
Her getting wet was apparently my fault despite the fact that I had already informed her that as the organiser of this event surely it was her responsibility to book the Sun as that's the idea of Juneathon over Janathon (heat over cold). Clearly the soaking did the job in persuading her to deal with her oversight and so the Sun made an appearance nicely in time for me to have a warm bright 5km run when I got home from work.
Apparently I owe an apology, for @jogblog getting wet - I'm not sure I completely agree but

Sorry Cathy/@jogblog/@janathon/@juneathon (any other personalities I don't know off) that you got wet because I said yes you should cycle to spin class, but Thank you for getting the Sun out, and I hope you've booked it for the rest of the month

5km in 24:59

Juneathon total - 77.56km

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