Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Day

<p>Today is the first day of my week off work, today is Sunday, and so I should be having a lay in, aahh but no, today is also the Royal Boat Pageant on the Thames and my wife is a big fan of the Royals, also our friend is a historian, and works for the RAF Museum and his boss was on one of the boats, and with that I was on the 0640 train out of town upto Charing Cross.<br>
Once up there, we set about trying to get to the river front, which was easier said than done as to help with the crowd control they had shut all the nomal routes, once we found our way round and had had security check my packed lunch, we settled in on the Embankment next to Cleopatra's Needle. After a lot of standing, a bit of singing, and some flag waving, we watch a few boats potter past (got the at 8am, first boat at 330). Though I wasn't overly fussed about the occasion, the atmosphere, and social aspect was great, even when it was over and the rain poured down.
The main issue I had with the whole affair was when was I giving get my run in? By the time we got home we were very tired, very wet, and very cold (still struggling with the hot juneathon idea). But it is Juneathon and one must run, despite @jogblog telling me as long as I blogged it, I could count the 10hrs standing as my daily exercise, so I mustered up what energy I could and did a quick 5km finishing at my mum's house to collect the dog, then got home and did the exercise routine to, which is why the blog is only just happening as I promptly went to sleep

3rd of Juneathon
5km in 28:25  starting at 2050 on 03/06/12

Total 17.5km
Day 3 Jogged Logged and Blogged

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