Thursday, 14 June 2012

Getting Muddy Lost......again!

Well I found myself home alone again this morning,with the car, on a nice sunny day. Days off mean longer runs, car means somewhere new/further a field - happy days.
A quick google found a couple of country parks, with 10km circular walks, no intentions of walking anyway, but marked out trails makes for easier running - or does it?!?
Right then Trosley Country Park here I come
Once there, (sat nav taking me to a footpath on the road before - lost#1) I nipped in the visitor centre and grabbed a map/leaflet (learning from the last time, see 6/6/12)and so off on the Harvel Hike I went - or so I thought.
I found the start OK, I know I was looking for arrows with A on and had a map in my hand, I head along the trail and think its all going well, then I'm not sure - think I may have missed a turning, but the route starts and finishes on the same long approach so figured I could just run it backwards. Once at the end I'm now thinking I may have got back on track, yep I have, excellent...........bugger missed another one, sod it, I'm running out of time, am not going back again, have map, so find my way back the route and head back. I got there, though not sure if I completely followed my intended route, grabbed a large piece of flapjack and a Blackberry & Nettle tea and headed home.

My top tip for running is although you have the map, its a good idea to have a look and read the  directions before you start running, so you know what to look out for on the go.

Todays figures 5.7km in 34:06

Total 90.38km

Might go out again today cos not happy with only 5km on my day off

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