Saturday, 2 June 2012

2nd of Juneathon

Today was a struggle, after last nights late run and even later blog posting (2356), followed by a 4am alarm and a 12hr day at work, (after which I almost fell asleep at the wheel on the way home) as much as I knew I wanted to, my body was reluctant to agree with my need for a run. So having sat down, and had an impromptu nap, I got changed, chomped on a glucose tablet (hoping it might stir something in me and headed out.
As I've set myself the target of beating Janathons 200km, I knew another 5km wasn't enough so I headed to the heath and followed the 5km path laid out, but with the journey there and back it totals 7.5 km done in 42m44s. Once home, and fed, little prawn cocktail, gammon round with new potatoes & a fruit salad (the starter & desert prepared by my son as he's started doing food tech at school this term) I then went and did the exercise routine I talk about yesterday. So my exercise is done, my food has been crap free (even turned done Mcd's brekkie this morning 7 had a banana instead), I have logged the run and have now blogged it too, I'm know off to prepare for the day in London at the Royal Boat Pageant tomorrow. So that's gonna be a very early run or another late one :(

So 2nd of Juneathon

7.5km in 42:44  starting at 1809 on 02/06/12

Total 12.5km

Day 1 Jogged Logged and Blogged

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