Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 22

This morning whilst waiting for the wife to return from school run, I was just wandering round the web bored, when I suddenly thought, I should be exercising. My first juneathon post stated that I was going to do an exercise routine each day along with my running, that actually went out the window after about day 5 or 6. So this morning I decided to have another stab at it, and so did the 8min abs routine, and then the homemade one listed on 1st of June.This didn't take long, and so I had the idea of  doing this first thing in the morning, before work, as running at 4am really isn't going to happen, I just don't have time, but could spend ten minutes doing a few crunches, press ups, squats etc, and then carry on doing my runs after work. So lets see how that works out next week
As for today's run, it was a gentle 10km (well 11 in the end)  being monitor by runtastic on my HTC one V and with my Garmin 410 - was interesting to see the differences between the two
Eyes are closing so will see you again tomorrow

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