Tuesday, 19 June 2012


My run tonight was a bit techie overload do to wearing my mobile using the runtastic app with my head phones playing 'rock my run' remix and then my new Garmin 410 and heart monitor chest strap. I'm running both as I want to keep the runtastic app running at least until the end of Juneathon so I can use the screen shot of the calender in the final blog. I decided to go for a quick run as I had just set up the Garmin and needed a max. heart rate figure, so I set the virtual trainer for 4.55min/km  and selected 'Go Hard' as the tunes and shot off, apart from a few teething probs with the touch sensitive bezel all went well, in fact very well with the Garmin registering approx 23:20 min for 5km which was a personal best by a good 10 seconds too.
Happy Days

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