Wednesday, 13 June 2012

13th of Juneathon

Another bright and dry , and so I thought a nice  run round the heath. As it was late (ish) and so the heath would be quiet, and I figured I should take some company in the shape of a year old black Labrador named Jess. Although she was reluctant at first, but once at the heath and off the lead she was happy to jog along and then once back on the road at 5km she got really into it and as she was back on the lead, dragged me flat out for about half a km until I had to pull her back for a bit  and then settle back into a jog.
Tomorrow is my day off so weather and wife permitting hopefully my km's will be in double figures

Distance - 7.11km in 40:26

Total 84.67km

1 comment:

  1. "weather & wife permitting"... as a permissive wife myself, a diffident phrase like this should earn you long runs every time!

    Glad to hear your weather is perking up, too... nice 59 mi. total, also :-)