Saturday, 30 June 2012

Another one bites the dust

Juneathon is finished
Well this is it, the month is over and we can have a day off tomorrow yaaaaay!. This month has been hard, having been running for another 6months, I thought I'd find it easier, and be able to beat my Janathon total, but no, I found it a lot harder, probably because of life/death and work getting in the way, and the awful British summer we had at the beginning.
I've run a respectable 179km which I should be happy with ( and I am really) but I'd planned to beat my 200km from Jan, the shortage is due to too many token jogs round the block of 0.5,1 & 2km but I did it (well most, I did one day of exercise and I think there's a couple of blogs missing/half written in drafts)
 For tonight's run I felt I had to put a bit of effort in for the finish line, and fortunately my kids had spent the day  at their friends so the wife & I drove out to pick them up,and I ran back home from there a pleasant 13km of footpaths mostly following the River Darenth, what better way to watch the sun set.

Its been a pleasure running with you all, and reading a few of the blogs (must read more next time), looking forward to Janathon already

Todays total 13km
Juneathom Total 179km


  1. Excellent job! I'm totally jealous! If all goes well with my stupid foot, I may try to give you a run for your money! OK, a run for your tally... as I'd like to try for 100 mi. but need two healthy feet to do it. I'll look back to this for inspiration! Enjoy a rest tomorrow?

  2. I wonder if there is a Duckworth-Lewis method for 'athons to allow adjustments for life, death, work and weather. I'm sur if there were you'd see quite how impressive this months totals are.

  3. Well done on a great Juneathon. Great mileage even if you do work in km's!
    Many of us found Juneathon harder than January and didn't match our totals. There's always next year!