Wednesday, 9 January 2013

9th of Janathon

Today was my day off work which always meant chance for a long run, chance for a daylight run, chance for me to get out and enjoy some miles. I left home at 930 this morning set on a 10km ( to make up for missing a 5km yesterday), and 10km is what I did but boy was it hard.
I didn't even manage 5km with out a walk stop, it was all a bit of a struggle but I did manage to get there in the end. It was rather damp in the air and even damper (sodden) underfoot, normally I love a good muddy run, but today was too much of a struggle to enjoy. Clearly taking December off and eating shite was a bad move, that or thinking I could just go back to running 5km every day without it being a struggle was a daft one.
I shall not give up though, I've got the Wokingham half marathon to run on 10th February and then some crazy 15 stage, 32 mile self devised charity run to do soon too.

We shall fight on!

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