Saturday, 19 January 2013

19th of Janathon

Well I do believe that I have failed this time round, my blogging has been hit and miss, and I have now actually managed to miss a day's exercise, plus today's is going to be a few sit ups just to say I've done something
My plan yesterday was to go for a nice run in the deep snow, as it fell around me, so when I got home from work and it was no longer snowing, I decided to wait until later as it looked like more snow was to come, but it never did and before I knew it I was in bed, thinking 'bugger I haven't done anything, but I'm not getting back up as I have an early start due to taking the car to work and possibly a long journey in adverse conditions' and so that was my athon failo
I'm not giving up though although today hasn't work out much better, as I meet the wife & kids in town on the way home from work, did some shopping around trying to find coats for the boys, as the for the second time since Christmas the zips have gone on their new ones, then got something to eat and promptly passed out on the sofa until now. It would be very easy to say sod it and go back up to bed with another 'nothing day'  but that's not right so hold on a minute.
Right that's 10 press ups & 10 sit ups done, tomorrows will be a 10km, it was going to be the Les Witton 10 but due to the weather they postponed it, but as I signed up to the @virtual10km I'll still be running 10km, just a shame the race route doesn't seem to be published anywhere or I would of run it solo. Oh well I think 10km off road in the snow will be more fun anyway
Night All


  1. Hey there! I just came on your Janathon blog first time this month & what post do I see? FAIL! (ha ha, just teasing you) I did see your Tweet today about running to deliver a card since driving in snow is unfeasible. You'll probably get there quicker on foot anyway. I loved following the footpaths between rural towns while I was there. Enjoy the historic nature of hand-delivering, & by all means, wear trail shoes or cleats so you don't slip :-) Good to see you're still hard at fitness!

    1. Hi Heidi, I realised yesterday that I hadn't tweeted any of my blog posts, glad to see that you're still keeping fit too, hope your foot heals up soon so you can get out running again