Saturday, 5 January 2013

5th of Janathon - Tourism & Weddings

<p>&lt;p&gt;Well today is Saturday, and I'm not at work so the only right thing to do is parkrun! But it's my sister in-laws&nbsp; wedding today, though not until 2 which is plenty of time to nip off to Southampton Common and do a spot of Tourism. <br>
My Sat Nav got me close, and I found a free parking spot, and then took a stroll across the common to find the start, picking up clues as I went

This seemed to be a busy parkrun, (I'm no expert but have a done few now & this seemed crowded). I figured due my current fitness levels, I start mid pack, though in reality I think I was nearer the back. As I put my earphones in, I noticed I was none of only a handfull to do so, and as the race started I realised why....... " How was your Christmas?" "Did you have good new year?" "Oooo New shoes/top/tights etc" I'd dropped back into the social runners, and as it was the first run of the year there was lots to talk about. This made for a slow start and as the path was narrow and everything off the path was bog, I stuck with it until the first corner. Though as I reach the corner I started to feel pain in my hip & knee, which new and not good on day 5, turned out this was apparently due to have to have short step and holding back my pace, as once I open my stride and settled in to a preferred pace it cleared completely. The rest of the race was fairly uneventful,
Once the  race was over the next race was on, to get ready for the wedding. I was originally just a guest, but at the last minute I was asked to help out as an Usher, which meant finding a white shirt ( the red one I'd packed wasn't going to work with the purple tie) and some shoes ( my big 'Harley' boots would of been ok sat in the church but not at the front door greeting all the guests!)
Overall a great day had by all, a newly wed happy couple and another 5km & new parkrun under the belt

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  1. You are becoming quite well travelled. Good to use the opportunity to try a new course!