Thursday, 10 January 2013

10th of Janathon - Need a Cuppa

Today has been one of those days.
I got up for work at 4ish as usual, had brekkie, and then decided to snooze a little longer, left the house just after 6 to find a heavy frost and the need to de-ice the saddle of my motorbike. I got to work at about 7, got change into my uniform and set about the morning routine, then once the shop was open,changed back into my leathers and headed off to a meeting - STOP would of headed off to my meeting if I'd still been in possession of my ignition key. Searched every pocket, searched the ground searched the store, and did them all again, and again, but nope the key has gone, and so has my time. Got to my meeting 1/4hour late. Rang RAC to be told they would take the bike 10miles for free but charge me £105 for the remaining 10! (non mechanical breakdown). Got back to my store at the end of the day popped to locksmiths, who said if I could get the barrel to them they would cut a key to fit for £30 (things are looking up) though this would involve a fair bit of disassembly of the bike.
Tube & train home - wasn't quite that straight forward due to my lack of public transport skills, then dinner. My loving wife then offered me a cup of tea, to which I said Yes please, to which she said you best run to the shop then cos we're out of teabags! So that's what I did, using it as an opportunity to pick up the latest Trail Running mag and wasn't pleasantly surprised to see a photo of me in it(well my muddy legs anyway!)

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