Friday, 4 January 2013

4th of Janathon

Whoops, day 4 and only my second blog, the last couple of days have been very long, as in up at 4am in work for 6, still there at 6pm not getting home til 7 then food and recover, so running has been done at 10pm, so far too knackered to even fire up the laptop let alone log & blog.
Though I'm sure Jogblog would disagree, athons are about the running, rather than the blogging for me personally, especially as I always struggle to keep up with my running during December, due to work (food retail @ xmas) and so I need a good kick start to my training. Especially this year as I've got a couple of fundraising runs to do, the Wokingham Half Marathon and an own made 32 miler but this will be expanded on in later blogs and in a whole new blog about the adventure.
Until then though, I have maintained my target of 5km a day and tomorrow I have time to do Southampton parkrun before my sister in laws wedding.
With that I'm off to find the travelodge we staying in tonight TTFN

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  1. I'm anticipating the same issues with fitting in blogging next week when I go back to work (also in food retail). One of my reasons for doing Janathon was that fortunately, I have over 2 weeks of January booked as holiday this year. All the best - will follow with interest...