Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Running by myself is pretty much the norm, but not on a Tuesday. Tuesdays have been the savior of my running lately since I joined the Sweatshop Running Community Thanks to finding these guys just about 1.5km from my house and the route runs either side of my house I don't really have an excuse for not going out on a Tuesday, plus its a nice social and I now have a few more race companions too. Unfortunately this week, I finished work at the same time the run started, but as it was Tuesday and as I'd made my excuses on Facebook earlier and promised to run it anyway, that's what I did all be it at 10pm rather than 7 and on my own instead of between 30-50 others. None the less that's another 5km done for Juneathon, I need to do more though as I'm rapidly dropping down the leader board, I'm not generally competitive but I liked the look of being 3rd on the first day 

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