Friday, 7 June 2013


Ok a little catch up, as clearly I seem to be struggling to get in the swing of Juneathon. Wednesday was ...erm, well it was Wednesday, I had a meeting just 4 miles from home, so I took my shorts & trainers with me, and figured I'd run commute home afterwards, added bonus, my mum works where the meeting was so I wouldn't have to run with the bag either. Whoops change of plan, my little brother (as in younger cos at over 6ft &17st+ he aint little) worked opposite where I was and finished work as my meeting finished. As it was his birthday the next day but I'd be unable to get to his meal, my run turned into a bus ride followed by a  pint, and then when I got home I ate, assisted with maths homework and then went out again to music practice at the church and so despite wearing my garmin all day I did nothing.
Then Thursday wasn't much better though I worked a 15hour shift (6-9) so it 10pm when I got home and so I wasn't going to run, as I discussed my poor Juneathon performance with my wife whilst standing in the kitchen I remembered that a certain someone claimed a push up against the bar was acceptable level of exercise, so I thought I'd push the boat out and do 10 push ups against the kitchen worktop.
Tonight I was going to a gentle 5km around the lakes, but once there, there were too many drinking 'fishermen' (not sure how much they were gonna catch with the amount of beer around) and there were too many midges, and although I'm not sure what the carb content, but even with a race in the morning I didn't want to over carb load with the amount I was swallowing as I ran round, so I cut it down to 3km and wen home again.

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