Monday, 3 June 2013

3rd of Juneathon

Today's run was round my original self made 5km route that I worked out when I started running almost 2 years ago, not sure why I chose it tonight, but I suppose it just set to default if I've no over plans. I'd said to myself that I wanted to do more than 5km each day, but struggled tonight (maybe a full day at work, maybe the heat, maybe doing more in the last 2 days than I've done in the last few weeks - I'll stop there, don't want to use too many excuses too early in the game), so once home I defaulted again to the ever faithful 8min Abs workout on Youtube, this is a necessity as the 23km on Saturday left me with what felt like bruising on my 'love handles' and round my belly, which I can only put down to excessive jiggling on the run. So with that rather attractive mental image I'll say Goodnight

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